Sunday, January 27, 2008

sunday morning meat

toasted poppyseed bagel with herby unscrambled egg patty, topped with sauteed sausage and red pepper

sinfully good

with mandy away at a conference in edmonton, this morning i settled down to my favourite activity when the vegetarian/piscatarian leaves the house: eating meat

i combined two eggs with a couple tablespoons of milk and a dash of dried herbs, beat them until well combined and threw the mixture into a small buttered saucepan, which I covered with its lid. when the patty began to make impression of john hurt in alien, as a hot air bubble expanded from its underside, i gently flipped it over to cook on the other side. in the meantime i sauteed up some chopped breakfast sausages until cooked, then threw in some red pepper with the sausage bits to fry in their fat. i drained the sausage/red pepper mix on a kitchen towel, topped a toasted bagel with my then ready egg patty, and scattered the sausage/red pepper over top

it may not be pretty, but so simple, quick, and delicious

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Julia said...

Yeah, it is pretty too!